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applejackoffs asked:
did the cellulite wrap that you tried actually work??

yes!! I wrote a review about it :-) But yess haha xxxoo

Anonymous asked:
I want to go to the gym for the first time, but I have no clue about how it all works. I don't know how all the machines work, I don't know if I should go there in my gym cloths already or change there? And what do girl wear? Tank top or T? or only a sports bra? Can you give me tips to walk into the gym a little more confident? Thankss

Hey sweetie, well don’t worry. I don’t know if it depends from country to country but:  The earlier in the morning the less people there are. In the beginning I always went as soon as the doors opened.

You can then ask information to the instructors, they have time and are always very friendly!

Here girls usually wear: a short, leggings, half legging, with a t-shirt, top/tanktop or loose sweater. I haven’t seen girls with only a sports bra.
- I only run outside wearing only a sportsbra

Dont forget your water, a tiny towel, and headphones. Music will get you through it feeling more comfortable!

I understand you completely when you say you dont feel confident, because I’m going to the gym for about 2/3years now and I’m still nervous every single time ! Haha But actually, there is nothing to be afraid off


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